When a friend gave us the opportunity to be a part of the AT&T’s Mobile Movement, we decided to face our fears and see where the experience would take us. Despite the size of the production team, it actually was a lot of fun hanging out with the crew and I think they did a great job putting the edit together. Let us know what you think!

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  • Deborah says:


  • sefrara says:

    blessings to the nomads!!

  • jeff says:

    I see you guys are headed for Nova Scotia, just watched your snippet on you tube about traveling in your truck, love the set up! My wife and I have done quite a bit of ski bumming and dirt bagging in old trucks and vans. I got this old nikon camera and I didn’t know what to do with it till now. Would love to give you guys this, would be so cool to see it get used again.Then again you may not use the old school stuff.Just a thought. love your blog and instagram feeds, take care, Jeff.

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